Got a job interview? 5 steps to help you leave a GREAT impression (from those who have done the hiring)

Words by Craig Hankridge

Whether you’re a new grad or have been out for years, interviews can always be daunting, intimidating and as a result often won’t show off your best qualities.

Let’s change that.

To start, let’s flip the script.

You might be super keen for this job but every company, clinic and hospital out there is searching high and low for talent. In reality, the pressure is often on them.

Those undertaking the hiring have a number of items to manage:

  • Investment - full time, part time, commission based, no matter the set up it is a significant investment to bring on a new team member

  • Time - often when the hiring process begins those hiring needed you yesterday. Finding the right person in a timely manner can be difficult.

  • Team fit - culture isn’t just a buzzword, it matters. Those hiring are looking for people that will make the team better in their own unique way. They aren’t after clones, they are after personalities that match.

  • Big picture view - goal and purpose. Why do you do what you do? Where do you want it to take you and how do you want to get there? Nothing gives a hirer more confidence than seeing that you have an idea of what the medium to long term looks like for you. Obviously these things are dynamic, but a rough plan makes a BIG difference.

With these things in mind, let’s help you help yourself!

1) Be you

This isn’t just good advice from you Mum, it makes an impact. When you try to be something or someone you are not, you get found out (plus it is super stressful to maintain a facade).

Action point - Talk about what you enjoy about your profession, your hobbies and your relationships (friends, partners etc). Nothing brings our more energy and passion than the things that make your life great.

2) Come prepared

Put in some work. Stalk their website, Instagram, Facebook and even their current team. Having some background before your interview gives you an idea of how things are done and how you can fit it.

Action point - Talk about what you saw in your research and what you can bring to the team. Highlighting a specific example its a big tick for those looking at hiring you.

3) Be aware of your body language

First impressions are not just when you shake hands. Non-verbal communication can impact the feel of an interview significantly and as a result, whether you get hired or just thanked for coming.

Action point - Keep your head up, make eye contact, talk with confidence and sufficient volume.

4) Show some humility

It truly is awesome if you are great at what you do, but keep some perspective. Nothing is more off-putting for those hiring than a candidate that displays arrogance. Confidence is important, but if it is too over the top it is often toxic for workplace culture.

Action point - Talk about your wins, but do so with humility. Throwing in some team or patient based wins that you have had previously also help.

5) Ask questions

Extremely valuable! A candidate that has covered the first four points above and asks questions about the company ticks a lot of boxes. This often displays maturity, thought and an interest in the vision and values of the company, basically, you’re a jet!

Action point - Ask about the short term and long term plans of the company or clinic. Where do they see themselves in the coming years? What do they want from an ideal candidate? Why are they hiring now?

This list isn’t the be all and end all, but it is a great framework to base your interviews off of. Nerves are normal so don’t overthink it. Sprinkle in some enthusiasm and crush that interview today!

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Craig Hankridge