One quote to change your mindset on goal setting

Words by Craig Hankridge

I have a love/hate relationship with quotes. At times I find them powerful, inspirational and motivating, other times they fall flat and sound lame and corny. 

Luckily our content today is regarding the former, a quote that resonated with me in a unique way. 

'Become a millionaire not for the million dollars, but for what it will make of you to achieve it' - Jim Rohn


Let that marinate for a second, swish it around your mouth. 

Jim Rohn, was an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker who helped mentor and develop gurus such as Tony Robbins, the guy is legit and might just be onto something.

Let's break it down.

1) Big picture focus

Jim Rohn's quote gives us the goal but works backwards from it. 

With healthcare, our focus is on creating impact, on helping people to get better and achieve their goals. As a result, we often get caught up in the micro, the small details instead of stepping back and looking at the macro, the big picture of how we are tracking. 

What if we picture our ideal workday or ideal work week first and then structure our consultations, appointments and meetings backwards from that?

How would you manage your time if were seeing double the amount of patients?

How would you manage your time if you were also running a clinic or a team of practitioners?

What kind of skills would you need for those situations that you don't have now? 

2) Growth and development

Jim's quote highlights something that we all know but often don't appreciate until later, that each new professional level requires a new 'you', the old version just won't cut it.  We need to grow.

The you in high school is different to the you that finished Uni.

The you as a new grad is different to the you that has been a practitioner for five years.

So instead of focusing on the normal areas of progression such as your professions annual conference or committing to reading a couple of research papers each week, design your development around your ideal future self. 

Want to specialise with a certain type of patient? Expose yourself to professionals already in that area and double down on the specific courses available. 

Want to own and run your own clinic? Focus on foundation business skills, work with your manager or clinic owner to see what they do, how they work and what skills they have. Then, go one better. 

Do you get the idea?

Think less about climbing the ladders that already exist and instead focus on identifying the level you want to get to and building your own ladder (note: construction skills not required).

Action points

  • Work on the small things but focus on how the small things shape the future you 
  • Learn from people that are where you want to be or have been there before
  • Re-read Jim's quote often

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Craig Hankridge