Maximise your efficiency with one simple work (and life) hack

Words by Craig Hankridge


Allow me to introduce your new go-to move. 

One change that can buy you large chunks of free time in a normally frantic work day. 

The 2 minute rule.

Exciting hey? Maybe not just yet. Made famous by David Allen's best selling book 'Getting Things Done' this rule is a simple to utilise as it is to spell. 

It goes like this:

Have a task that will take less than 2 minutes to complete? Do it IMMEDIATELY. 

Putting off sending that email with your last patient's exercises until you have 'more time'? 

Saving replying to your colleague until the end of the day?

Finishing your patient notes for when you have 'more time' to think about it?

These are all great ideas in principle, until each 2-minute task compounds into thirty that then takes an hour somehow squeezed into your lunch break, or even worse, at home once your workday is meant to be done!

The negatives of continuing your previous ways are partly obvious and partly hidden:

1) Burn out - less 'free time' at work between consults or meetings to connect, reset and refresh. Don't let bad habits ruin your career. 

2) Increased anxiety - long to do lists are not great for our mental health or performance, let's not add to our workload even more. 

3) Slowwww replies - increased waiting times for patient communication, updates for referrers or colleagues and an overall lack of clear direction and professionalism that creates an anti-rapport effect (in short, not good). 

4) Opportunity cost - what are you missing out on that one hour of dull tasks is replacing? It isn't about a work/life balance, it is all about life balance. Exercise, quality time with family or friends, other interests, these all deserve time in your life if they are important. 


The positives on the other hands are infections:

1) Hustle - next level energy as you handle a whole lot of tasks day after day that others cannot. Thanks to finally being able to take some time to reset and reflect throughout your workday. 

2) A higher level of care - your patients, referrer partners and colleagues now have high quality, highly relevant information sooner rather than later 

3) New life habits - the funny thing about utilising the 2 minute rule at work, is that all of a sudden life, in general, gets easier. Those annoying life admin items that take half of your Saturday all of a sudden are done before and after your regular work day. 

4) Time - the most precious resource that we have. The 2 minute rule means you have a more useful version of time. A one hour block it far more useful for a workout, coffee catch up or even some CPD than what 30 x 2 minute blocks would be if you reversed the 2 minute rule. The true upside is that by wasting less time you can focus on what you want in life, what you want to do and achieve. Control your day and design your life. 

Action points:

  • Step 1 - start today and start right now. Anything that can take less than two minutes, do it as soon as it comes up.
  • Step 2 - repeat step 1

The true upside is that by wasting less time you can focus on what you want in life, what you want to do and truly want to achieve. Control your day and design a life that means something to you. 

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Craig Hankridge